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Signed copies of the book will be available at the special price of £10.00 at the Squiirel Estates Office 295 Main st, Alexandria at 11am-3pm on Friday the 25th and Sat 26th September


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Joanne was an amazing young woman who did not let her illness define her. From the minute she entered this world her life was a challenge and she met it head on. This is her story. A tale of courage and optimism

that is inspiring. For her there was always something just around the corner, whether it was a night out with her pals or a trip to a concert, there was always something driving her on. How tempting it must have

been to have accepted what a times seemed inevitable ….. not her!!! She grabbed life by the throat, lived it to the full and squeezed out of it every possible experience. She was a triumph of the human spirit. In

many ways, I was in awe of her and of that that dazzling smile that lit

up a room. ...

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